Project Description

Bahamas – The Exumas

Sail the Companionship Yacht through your choice of over of 700 islands! Between Grand Bahama and Great Inagua there are 23 inhabited islands with thousands of other unpopulated islets and cays. These beautiful islands are located only 50 miles off the Florida coast, making the Bahamas the closest tropical paradise!

Turquoise waters and cooling tradewinds have earned the Bahamas an international sailing reputation. Regattas and races are held year-round. The Bahamas offers an underwater paradise for snorkelers and divers. The beauty of the water of the bahamas in addition to the thousands of miles of shoreline, provides for the world’s most stunningly beautiful beaches

The Exumas are a string of exotic dream locations. With crystal blue water, footprint-free beaches, exclusive resorts, and islands fit for the stars, this tropical paradise is an absolute gem. In a place where nature outnumbers man, shorelines are flawless and elegant homes hold some of the world’s most famous people. The Exumas truly are the excursion of a lifetime.

365 cays and islands make up the beautiful Exumas, starting 35 miles southeast of Nassau. The islands have changed much over the years. Originally settled by British Loyalists with their slaves after the American Revolution, many of these pieces of the past still remain. The islands are divided into three areas—Great Exuma, Little Exuma, and The Exuma Cays. Each beautiful Island offers its own unique and exciting experience. Great Exuma and Little Exuma are known for their calm and relaxed surroundings, while The Exuma Cays are more of a playground for celebrities and the rich, there are numerous private homes, high end resorts and beachside homes. When the tide lets out there is a “Mile-long Sandbar,” that is a stretch of snow white sand surfacing out of the blue-green water.


Tropic Of Cancer Beach

White-powder sand covers the beaches surrounded by amazingly clear blue-green water. Also called Pelican Beach, it is also the longest and most beautiful beach in the chain.

Compass Cay (Sharks)

The Compass Cay Nurse Sharks are an experience you will never forget. The staff is ultra friendly and in the evening, everyone gathers on the dock by the office to talk, tell fish stories. Some nights you can catch an organized hermit crab race from hermit crabs you can find as around the small island.

Swimming Pigs

Big Major’s Cay is home to these “domesticated” creatures. In the early 1990s five baby pigs (four females and one male) came to the island and the number has grown since then. Watch as the unexpectedly sociable piggies greet you warmly, experience a very fond hello when your boat arrives, as they will swim right up to you to be fed.

Moria Harbour Cay National Park

With over 13,440 acres, this national park plays a large part in the ecosystem between Great and Little Exuma. White sand dunes, beautiful beaches, mangroves, and rich sea grass beds. With thousands of small nesting seabirds to see the island also serves as a nursery for much of the local marine life.

All Inclusive 7 days (Call For Pricing) for up to 3 couples (Delivery Fee May Apply) Does not include tax, gratuity, or alcohol.